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Membership and network committee

OEC has recently moved to a single membership. This gives an opportunity for staff to update ways we work with members. This also gives an opportunity for the board to look at how it reports to, represents and works with members, and to consider strategic membership building in light of our mission and activities. OEC has been successful in reaching out to organizations working in other areas of openness under the Year of Open umbrella. As we strive to make open a normal practice in education, we will need to strengthen these partnerships and consider how our networks of members, partners and supporters can best work together towards our ultimate goals.


  • Assess and recommend how we can increase member participation and satisfaction, given that OEC has a membership structure and an activist agenda.
  • Examine board visibility and relationship to members and how this could be enhanced
  • Recommend ways we can leverage our global networks to help meet our goals
  • Evaluate and recommend new partnerships to increase our impact and effectiveness



Stavros Panagiotis Xanthopoylos (chair)

Barbara Illowsky

Papa Youga Dieng

Naoko Tosa

Susan Huggins