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We welcome membership applications from institutions, organizations and corporations around the world that support the mission of the Open Education Consortium and openness in education.

Members participate in Open Education Consortium’s activities and events, join committees and groups working on advancing open education, and network with like minded organizations around the world.  All members get one vote for each open seat in the elections of the Consortium’s board of directors.

Individuals, whether they represent Consortium members or not, are welcome to use and modify materials and resources found on this website, and to participate in webinars and other Consortium activities.




Members shall support the values and mission of the Open Education Consortium.  Institutions, organizations and corporations that demonstrate support and commitment for openness in education are welcome to join us and our global community. Examples of demonstrating support for Open Education might include the development and maintenance of an Open Education site, significant incorporation of Open Educational Resources into institutional offerings, active promotion of Open Educational practices, or other activity consistent with the Open Education Consortium’s mission and values.


Membership fees support the work of the Open Education Consortium.  We welcome both regular memberships and sustaining memberships from eligible organizations and institutions.  Sponsorship opportunities exist for corporations or organizations that wish to lend stronger support to our mission and activities.

  • REGULAR: $900  (5% yearly increase)
  • SUSTAINING: $30,000 paid over five years



Sponsors of the Open Education Consortium allow us to have greater impact through their support of our activities around the world.  If your organization would like to sponsor our activities, in addition or in lieu of membership fees, please contact us at


A limited number of fully subsidized memberships are available to institutions with extreme financial need. Please contact us for further information.

If you have any questions related to membership please contact us at